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Image copyright GREAT BARRIER REEF MARINE PARK AUTHORITY Image caption The world's largest reef system has suffered another mass bleaching event Australia's Great Barrier Reef has suffered another mass bleaching event - the third in just five years.Warmer sea temperatures - particularly in February - are feared to have caused huge coral loss across the… ...

DEPOE BAY, Ore. (AP) — Tourists, nature lovers and amateur scientists are whipping out their cameras to document the effects of extreme high tides on shorelines from the United States to New Zealand, and by doing so are helping better predict what rising sea levels will mean for coastal communities around the world.A network of… ...

Climate Change News: This story was produced in partnership with National Geographic and the Fuller Project, with funding from the National Geographic Society. As dry months turned to parched years, Fatemeh watched the crops in her northwestern Afghan province of Badghis wither and her cattle die of thirst. Hunger turned to desperation, and eighteen months ago, her farming family begged a wealthy man for a loan to get them through the worst drought Afghanistan had seen in decades. He obliged, ...